Pilot Pens

2008-04-16 01:13:49 by VeryProudofYa

Far and away the best pen available. I love how the ink doesn't have that purplish sheen nearly all other 'black' pens have. It's a comfortable writing tool.

fer bigger version click heer:

http://vpoy.deviantart.com/art/Substan ce-82981211

Pilot Pens


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2008-04-21 01:09:53

Hey. Looks great.


2008-04-22 20:56:32

I freaking love pen and ink art.


VeryProudofYa responds:

thanks, m'dear. sometimes I'll use some of the colored pilot pens I have, but they don't work near as well as the black one does


2008-04-23 00:09:56

fukken love them and shit, 07 width are awesome.

VeryProudofYa responds:

This may be the first time you've ever been correct about something.

Congrats, son.


2008-04-24 23:42:46

not enough pissing in ass holes

VeryProudofYa responds:

you raise a good point.

perhaps you'd like to join me for a piss kiss later?


2008-04-25 20:23:32

did you draw me?

VeryProudofYa responds:

I drew your mom's freakishly large nipples.


2008-04-29 13:04:15

I found the penis, do I win?

VeryProudofYa responds:

you win a bag of dicks


2008-05-08 01:45:39

It looks a lot like the shit I would draw with my friends when I'm blown out.

Good work.


2008-05-18 11:55:37

i see a vagina with teeth. Do I win a bag of dicks too?


2009-12-01 03:30:50

Demodded little faggot! ha ha ha