2008-05-28 00:47:37 by VeryProudofYa

Just returned from a memorial day weekend spent in southern california. I quite enjoyed myself.

Pics of landscapes and various other shit I took on the trip now on my deviant art



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2008-05-28 16:12:05

It speaks to my soul.

VeryProudofYa responds:

wanna make out?


2008-05-28 19:55:51

Those pictures look amazing.

Really bad weather, eh? Did it rain?

VeryProudofYa responds:

It snowed quite a bit. I took a few pictures of the various snowrapes that happened, but have thus far been too lazy to upload. :\


2008-05-28 20:20:57

Ominous. Reminds me of your erection.

VeryProudofYa responds:

I like to paint a bullseye around my genitalia and pretend my dick is an arrow.


2008-05-28 20:48:06

Absolutely gorgeous..... breathtaking and beautiful.

See? I don't only say it when I'm holding the riding crop.

VeryProudofYa responds:

thanks, m'lady.

for the compliments and the house work.


2008-06-01 01:17:43

The slope up the mountain mixed with the clouds... I thought it was a tidal wave at first. :S

VeryProudofYa responds:

I quite like that one. Due to the elevation changes during the drive we ended up driving directly through more than a few clouds.


2008-06-01 01:45:19

I'm proud of you. really.

VeryProudofYa responds:

I'm proud of you. very.*