Oh snap and what not.

2008-07-29 22:21:41 by VeryProudofYa

Black widow in my backyard today. Can't fucking stand spiders, but I kept my distance and zoomed in for a few pics.

Also saw a wasp munching on something.

http://vpoy.deviantart.com/art/Red-hou rglass-93207864
http://vpoy.deviantart.com/art/blacken ed-widow-93207982
http://vpoy.deviantart.com/art/Feeding -wasp-93208060

Oh snap and what not.


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2008-07-30 00:05:05

bleh. Fuck that shit yo.

I got bit by a brown recluse once. Very very painful and gross looking too!

VeryProudofYa responds:

yeah.... shit. isn't their venom acidic?


2008-07-30 00:57:42

One time, I was trying to sleep but I couldn't. I was laying in bed for about 30 minutes trying to fall asleep. And then I looked up and saw a spider coming down from the ceiling. It scared the shit out of me and I jumped out of bed and turned on the light. Then I noticed it was a huge black widow. I hate those so much. You're pretty brave to take pictures of one. I would have freaked out.

VeryProudofYa responds:

urg, hate when you see spider's descending. Walking through webs makes me lose my shit, too.


2008-07-30 10:10:56

Yeah, they're venomous. I got bit by a really skinny yellowish brown spider outside a few years back, then came in to show my mom. She flipped and took me to the clinic. Once there, i described the spider as a brown recluse looking one.

The guy said "Oh, it's most likely not a brown recluse, i can test it to see if it has it's venom"

Sure fucking enough! It was the bite of a brown recluse!

It turned to a big oozy bump with bad inflammation. Plus it was EXTREMELY fucking painful to the touch. Gone now, just a small scar on my arm.

VeryProudofYa responds:

That's brutal. I've never even been bitten by a spider and I'm terrified of them.

You're lucky it wasn't a big'n


2008-07-30 13:42:00

Wow, at least you didn't get bitten, yet...no one said they didn't like photos


2008-07-31 05:33:58

very interesting name. fuck Black Widow fucker. fuck her. Cannibalistic bitch

VeryProudofYa responds:

You gonna be okay?


2008-07-31 23:45:51

dude... kill it quick!

VeryProudofYa responds:

I'm not going near that big negro


2008-08-01 02:08:54

Wow, thank Christ that they don't occur as often in Canada. Though, they fucking do. Also, I don't mind spiders, I find them less of a nuisance then birds. Now those fuckers make me rage.

VeryProudofYa responds:

birds? lolwut. I've never had any issue with those critters.


2008-08-01 03:30:36

I'm happy that i live in finland.

VeryProudofYa responds:

Teeeeemuuuu selannnneeee


2008-08-01 15:14:08

Where do you live? When we lived in Las Vegas, my little sister got bit by one of those, it looked just like that. She was okay, had to have a shot at the hospital and take some meds.
Have you showed this to Wade yet? ;-)

VeryProudofYa responds:

I live in Reno. I've seen entirely too many spiders recently.

Also, I've read/heard you can only get the black widow antivenin once. So I hope she doesn't get bitten again.


2008-08-06 20:13:04

2 things one: have you ever seen the reno police thing. and two throw a rock or a paintball gun. it very easy to kill. ! >:D >:D :> >:D >: D >: D>: > :D :|

VeryProudofYa responds:

yeaaah, I've seen reno 911. decent enough show.


2008-08-06 20:24:53

On holiday i saw some ants go to a wasp nest and kill all the wasps.

VeryProudofYa responds:



2008-08-07 16:10:57

I would deffinatly pee myself if I saw that big black hairy thing


2008-08-08 14:59:44

You should've caught it on fire. Black widows are dangerous.


2008-08-08 15:04:21

Black widows bites are like time bombs. You just have around 1 hour to get to the clinic/hospital before it gets critical.

Their bite is 15 times more dangerous than a rattlesnake...

I can't stand them too, sometimes avoiding them and being afraid of them is the best thing you can do :/


2008-08-10 03:57:31

Spiders freak me out :'(


2008-08-10 17:37:51

Good ol' England, good ol' free of highly venomous spiders.

Ever seen the film Arachnophobia, shit fucked me up.


2008-08-11 15:42:39

Meh. Not really terrified of Spiders. Centipedes scare me more. Those fuckers hurt like hell.


2008-08-13 09:49:31

Ugh. I hate spiders

When they're outside, I generally fine with them. In fact, I appreciate that they kill all of the other annoying-ass bugs. But when they're inside, I generally tend to hit them with a stapler