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be back in a week.

2008-03-08 18:43:42 by VeryProudofYa

Peace out.

I do, I do.

Who wants a moustache ride?

I have epididymitis

2008-01-12 02:12:02 by VeryProudofYa

And it fucking hurts like fuck.

Itsa Me!

2007-12-30 04:15:52 by VeryProudofYa

Mario galaxy is one of the greatest games I have ever played in my life.

Aside from the levels where you're spring mario.
Those levels fucking suck.

Why don't skeletons play music in church?

2007-12-16 01:03:19 by VeryProudofYa

Cuz they got no organs.

Why don't skeletons play music in church?

shit just got real.

2007-12-04 01:08:36 by VeryProudofYa

Lightin' up offa menorahs in this bitch.

shit just got real.


2007-11-12 01:46:36 by VeryProudofYa

Yesterday I went out with the niece and nephew for a little fun timeeee.

Not including pictures of the kiddos because, well, it's NG.

Anyway, the day started with a trip to an airport eatery, so the kids could watch planes go buy. Unexpected coolness featured a Marines Jet stopping in for a refueling or something.

pix: /VeryProudofYa/IMG_0246.jpg /VeryProudofYa/IMG_0245.jpg /VeryProudofYa/IMG_0247.jpg

Then we fed sum ducks. There were an insane number there, given the weather lately. But they were there, and hungry. I was most intrigued by the little black ones with the white beaks that were jaunting around. /VeryProudofYa/IMG_0256.jpg

Here's a good shot of one diving for food, I like the little water spray /VeryProudofYa/IMG_0255.jpg

Oh, they also had some kind of crazy-ass dinosaur feet: /VeryProudofYa/IMG_0258.jpg and /VeryProudofYa/IMG_0252.jpg

Additional shot of the black bird, with decent detail on water beading off of it's feathers: /VeryProudofYa/IMG_0257.jpg

There also happened to be a huge pigeon population roaming around, I was most interested in this little cowpigeon: /VeryProudofYa/IMG_0261.jpg

anddddd, here's the boss hog, he was a very large goose, stomping around and taking shit from nobody. He encroached on my niece and nephew a few times, and I literally put my foot on him and shoved him away, only to have him look at me with a bird like expression of, "Lookit this mothafucka"

He was not to be trifled with. /VeryProudofYa/IMG_0249.jpg

so yeah. Also here's a large pillar that's going to support a new freeway around here. I took it from a moving car, so it looks like shit. But meh.


No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

2007-11-07 00:58:19 by VeryProudofYa

I've got the psychobilly sickness.

It's terminal, I'm afraid.

No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

Fuckin Snow

2007-10-01 21:47:56 by VeryProudofYa

I already got some snowfall up in my hood. The attached picture's the view from my backyard, with snow on rooftops.

Now I have to make the garage dog-proof, so my little hellions won't rip up the lawn mower, get into the fence stain, etc etc etc.

ps here's a larger view of the attached image: t-home-from-illinois-66723451

and another, unrelated image, with some view of mountains. : -hey-66723339

you can click to biggify, etc.

Fuckin Snow

Cuts the numbness and I

2007-09-22 22:06:48 by VeryProudofYa

I come alive, yeah.

Yeah, the twist of cain-o
Yeah, it drives my brain-o.

Cuts the numbness and I